Pinky Pie Sky - Updates to the Divination Moon shop!

Work In Progress / 25 October 2021

Updates on the Unreal environment I've been working on. Thanks to JBKappirossi I switched my lighting and sky sphere. It's the biggest update to the scene. Smaller updates include the mesh room divider modelled out and a quick update of the main buttress supporting the landing platform.

Since I last posted you can also see updates to the wine jars (barrels) on the left side.

The divider has some nice details, I considered just baking to a plane but decided against it. I really want to see the lighting responding to the gaps in the divider.

I updated the landing buttress, but because it isn't very visible in most of my shots you can't really tell. I wanted to move the piece further away from block-out stage and the chonky buttress was getting old.

EDIT: Woah, a few more updates than I realized to this between now and the last one. There are also improved giant planters, and giant nasturtium leaves in the planters. Probably a few more pieces snuck in there too, I've been busy.